Alternative investments is a class of assets which includes hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, commodities, derivatives, property, wine, art, antiques, coins, diamonds, stamps and other non-conventional investment instruments. Alternative investments are attractive mainly due to their low or negative correlation with standard class of assets like stocks and bonds. But alternative investments may be relatively illiquid and sometimes it may be difficult to determine them current market value. Also there may be limited data about historical risk and return as well as exist relatively high costs of purchase and sale.


Herculis Partners provides Wealth Owners with easy access to unique set of Alternative Investments like Hedge Fund, Private Equity Fund, Wine and Precious Stone Investments in order to preserve and multiply their Capitals. Our approach is to make Alternative Investments accessible, liquid and cost effective as much as possible.


Customer can use Alternative Funds as a tool to reduce his overall investment risk and diversify his portfolio with total asset allocation of Alternative Funds not more than 15%. In order to buy or sell shares of the abovementioned Alternative Funds, Customer has to downloand subscription or redemption form from the website, sign and send it to his Custodian Bank for execution. All other steps concerning deal settlement and reporting will be performed automatically between Fund Administrator and Customer's Custodian Bank.