HERCULIS GROUP is a Wealth & Investment Boutique which was established in 2009 by a group of Russian and Swiss partners for bringing new added value to the Wealth Owners (HNWIs, Family Offices, Charities and Endowments) through responsible business approach in Wealth & Asset Management and Investment Banking industries taking into account principles of ethics, transparency and performance.

HERCULIS GROUP consists of three pillars: HERCULIS PARTNERS SA – alternative investments (SRO AOOS), HERCULIS TRUSTEES AG – trustee services (SRO AOOS), HERCULIS GUARDIANS SA – anonymous safe boxes and vaults.

HERCULIS GROUP companies have offices in Zurich, Geneva and Porrentruy (40 minutes from Basel).


HERCULIS GROUP sees his main task in helping the Wealth Owners

  • to increase Wealth through VC & PE Investments and M&A deals,
  • to preserve and multiply Wealth through passive and active operations on Global Securities Markets,
  • to protect Wealth from states, creditors and raiders and pass it on successors,
  • to distribute Wealth on environmental and society needs according to customers altruistic ideals and values.


  • the HERCULIS GROUP investment management performance is measured by adequate hurdle rate for each customer mandate and investment.
  • the transparency gives the Wealth Owners direct access to Herculis Group commissions and retrocession fees.
  • the corporate culture of Herculis Group is based on the ethical principles of doing business.